We are a collection of neighborhood groups that are impacted by the significant traffic pattern changes already implemented by the MTA/DOT as part of the L Train repair project. These traffic and transit plans, which focused on the needs of the commuters over the needs of Manhattan residents and communities, are already impacting us 24x7.

We want to ensure that the MTA/DOT are well aware, in real time, of problems that their changes have created. We also want to provide a forum for the community to share their issues and concerns.

Upload your observations and issues as often as possible using the link on the home page.

Contact us: ltrainwatch@gmail.com

This initiative is a phase 2 action of the 14th Street Coalition and is supported by its member groups:
100 West 17th-18th St Block Association
100 West 16th Street Block Association
13th Street 100 Block Association
Lower Chelsea Alliance
Council of Chelsea Block Associations (CCBA)
Flatiron Alliance
Upper West 13th Street Block Association
West 15th Street 100 and 200 Block Association
West 12th Street Block Association
and residential and commercial buildings across 14th Street